Mandolinquents Greek cruise
Mandolinquents go cruisin'
One night on deck...

Richard Collins, Hilary James, Simon Mayor and Gerald Garcia took part in a 'Specialist Music Cruise' for the Fred. Olsen line.

Here we are before the cocktails.


A little later on...

After the cocktails

Mandolinquents go cruisin'
Richard Collins with a good book Life was very tough for musicians on board

Especially Richard.
Now what's that reading material?

Washing facilities were adequate

Yes we did do some concerts as well.

Simon Mayor and Gerald Garcia go swimming
Hilary James and mandobass in a sea breeze
A publicity shot that didn't quite work out...

Hilary attempts to launch a lifeboat in the middle of the Bay of Biscay.

It was a balmy breeze.

The security facilities were at times oppressive

Hilary about to head for the stage with her bodyguards...

Hilary James and security
Simon Mayor at Athens A lucky stop in Athens

Simon was very excited about his new Greek holiday home and took the opportunity to see how work was progressing.

The builders will be hearing from his solicitor.

The Gastronome

And nobody guessed that Richard's other job was as an Egon Ronay inspector.

Richard Collins the gastronome
Gerald Garcia
Gerald Garcia
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