Mandolinquents at New Greenham Arts...
The 'Mandolinquents & Friends' series at New Greenham Arts ran for about ten years; we lost count of the wonderful guests we welcomed. Things occasionally got, err... relaxed
Gerald Garcia

What's been left in the dressing room today?...

Gerald just can't resist.

What's been left in the dressing room today?...

Hilary feels left out.


Gerald Garcia Hilary James
New Greenham Arts
Before the show...

Setting up with guests Greek supergroup Plastikes Karekles (The Plastic Chairs) at New Greenham Arts.

Still hanging about...

Richard and Simon get a demo of Pavlos' bouzouki.

Gerald Garcia Hilary James
Important rehearsals...

final tweaks to the choreographed heavy metal routine.

And later...

in performance! Simon give his world premiere of mandocello shredding.

Richard Collins Simon Mayor
Simon Mayor A rare chance...

Simon plays mandobass.

New Greenham Tandoori.

The staff share a meal after closing time.

This wonderful restaurant is in the same corridor as the venue! Why isn't every venue designed like this?

New Greenham Tandoori
Gerald Garcia Kung fu...

Gerald expresses his frustration at everyone else's bum notes!

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