Mandolinquents - various gigs
Mandolinquents at the Electric Theatre, Guildford
Backstage at the Electric Theatre, Guildford

Simon Mayor, Hilary James, Richard Collins and Gerald Garcia caught in merry mood before playing for the Guildford International Arts Festival.


Onstage at the Electric Theatre, Guildford

Hilary, Richard and Simon's right hand all in full flight. Name all three microphones with model numbers accurately and win a free Mandolinquents CD. Email us now!

Mandolinquents at the Electric Theatre, Guildford
Mandolinquents at a splendid venue
A 'splendid venues' tour...

Spring 2001 saw the Mandolinquents on a short tour for Nottinghamshire Council - all venues were churches.

Richard, Simon and Hilary smile with the vicar at this splendid venue in North Nottinghamshire.

I know it suits me but does it fit?

After what seems an eternity, Richard finds a hat he really likes, and insists on wearing it for breakfast.

Did you know, 95% of body heat is lost through the top of your head, and when you're as hot-blooded as I am, well... I tell you...

Richard Collins with a large hat!
Mandolinquents on small chairs
Get comfy before you play...

Simon, Richard and Gerald test the
chairs for size.

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