Links to sister sites

Acoustics Records Secure online ordering of Mandolinquents CDs, Simon Mayor CDs and instructional material, albums by Hilary James and
Slim Panatella and the Mellow Virginians and children's music.

Mandolin.co.uk is Simon Mayor's own website.

ChildrensMusic.co.uk Simon Mayor and Hilary James have written and performed extensively for BBC children's TV and radio. Find out
here about the Musical Mystery Tour series of children's albums.

FolkSong.co.uk is Hilary James' song website, including the lyrics to many of the songs featured on her albums.

HilaryJames.com is Hilary James art website: canvases in oils and acrylics.

GeraldGarcia.com The weird, wacky and truly wonderful world of guitarist, composer, conductor and gastronome Gerald Garcia.